A Louis Vuitton Shoe Handbag Makes Good Sense for Protection Come Rain or Shine

 There is no such thing as a dreary day with the variety of umbrellas in the market. Far from being a simple guard against the weather, the umbrella has become a fashion statement with the perky parasols being all the rage. There are a wide range of stylish umbrellas that are available for almost every taste and pocketbook.

For the frugal, the automatic/manual compact umbrellas are a good pick. Coming in several color designs, they are easy to slip in a handbag. Many have a certain charm to them and are also easily compatible with every type of lifestyle.

Hailing from the other side of the Atlantic, tartan designs make for an excellent umbrella choice for a preppy look. Like the automatic, Tartan umbrellas can be used with many different looks.

Bubble umbrellas, as the name suggests, are fun and perfect as a retro style from the 80s. This plastic look is rapidly gaining popularity.

Parasols are great accessories to pair for women with vintage pieces in order to complete a classic appearance with its delicate colors and gorgeous ruffles, just perfect for that feminine shape.

Designer umbrellas are very unique, which means that they have become a desirable accessory with their artistic design and are perfect for those with more elegant tastes. Even Louis Vuitton has a ‘brella’ in their collections. 

Celebrities such as Nicole Richie and Katie Holmes simply love shoes almost as much as their designer handbags and that’s why an authentic Louis Vuitton Monogram Shoe Bag.

Let it rain and put on those rain boots or sneakers and let Louis Vuitton come to the rescue of holding shoes in their handbag to remain pristine and dry. The bag also works great for traveling and will never squash those classic Salvatore Ferragamo Italian leather pumps.

Besides protection, pre-owned Louis Vuitton Shoe Handbag’s design was developed to compliment the Vuitton’s travel line in mind with its durable monogram canvas.  

This generous sized Louis Vuitton shoe bag is built to last. Shoes will always look great and maintain their shape once removed.  A cleaver gal will find other used for the shoe bag such as a makeup holder as a carry-all for a laptop.

 The elegant hand-carry used shoe bag features natural cowhide leather and gold-tone hardware.  The double top handles are rounded for comfortable carrying. A zip closure works around the entire exterior in this sought-after edition and can be locked via the engraved LV padlock and keys.  

The spacious interior is large enough to hold more than one pair of shoes. It is lined in a light natural linen-like fabric. There is an open wall pocket to place in papers, a passport and more.

An authentic Louis Vuitton Shoe Handbag allows shoes to remain safe and damage free on those rainy days or abuse in a suitcase on the luggage carousel.

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