Be a Chic Globetrotter with a Louis Vuitton Vavin PM in Toiw

 For hundreds of years, the Caribbean Islands has signified relaxation and vacation for many people including families. With palm trees swaying like metronomes and the relaxing waves, it’s no surprise that it has become a hotspot in recent years.

Many luxury hotels have taken notice and have built children’s areas with special programs to entertain them and keep them busy while older members focus on relaxing at the beach or having a romantic dinner for two.  

Some of the hotel chains that have adopted this policy include the Marriott’s and Hiltons.  Other institutions have also taken notice at this growing trend of families taking vacations together.

 Club Med, the singles club of the 70’s and 80’s is now appealing to the family market. With locations in places such as at Punta Cana (Dominican Republic), Cancun Yucatan (Mexico), La Caravelle (Guadeloupe) and Buccaneer s Creek (Martinique), they’ve cooked up some clever schemes to keep everyone in the group occupied.

In places such Jamaica, the resorts of FDR and Pebbles are all inclusive properties surrounded by beaches, gardens and waterslides.  They even contain a camping site to get to view the starts at night.

An authentic Louis Vuitton Vavin PM makes good sense to use when running around with the kids. This is a shopping tote that is not over bearing.  The very durable Louis Vuitton monogram canvas is utilized and surrounded with cowhide trimmings.

Considerably more fashionable than other standard style designer bag shoppers, its frame is more graceful by its rounding lines.  

The used Louis Vuitton Vavin fits with ease on the crack of the elbow or as a hand held by its twin flat leather handles. All hardware is in gold tone.

Gain access with ease with the pre-owned Louis Vuitton bag’s open top. Don’t be fooled by Louis Vuitton Vavin’s petite exterior dimensions. Its brown canvas fabric lined interior is full of surprises and makes it much more generous in size than imaginable.

Within two separate compartments, remain organized and carry the daily necessities effortlessly.

The open compartment is the one to retrieve anything needed. There is zippered pocket on its wall keeping other placements within it secure. There is a D-ring overlapping the two compartments for key storage.

One the entire circumference of the Louis Vuitton Vavin is a compartment that is opened via a snap closure. This is ideal to place store a wallet and have it remain secure.   

Prefect to bounce around the islands of the Caribbean, the authentic Louis Vuitton Vavin PM is the everyday tote.  It can be used as a shopper, causal everyday bag or the one to carry those extras just as Ashley Tisdale does with hers.

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