Part of being a woman, it appears, is being dissatisfied with appearances and forever moaning about some feature.  Dressing well isn’t just about hiding the faults; it’s also learning to play up the good points. The tiny details can make the difference.

  • Aim to present a consistent look from head to toe. Make the body a unified whole rather than a collection of individual features. The eye will go to wherever there’s a break in line, proportion or balance.
  • Jacket hemlines that fall exactly at the hips will make them look even wider. If the hemline falls a little higher up, for example at the hipbone, it fools the eye into focusing on that slimmer spot.
  • Whether it’s a petite woman drowning in extra-long sweater sleeves or a curvy chick packed into a too-tight jacket, clothes that aren’t in proportion to the body will also draw attention- and not in a good way.
  • A neckline that is lower or wider can make a neck look longer and the face looks thinner. When the neck looks longer, the entire body looks slimmer.
  • A simple trick to dress thin can also be as simple as untucking a blouse. A lot of women tuck in their shirts, and then the fabric bunches up and draws the eye right to that area. Untuck and you can lengthen the whole midsection.

Make sure a designer handbag completes the image. An authentic Yves St Laurent Muse Handbag is just the thing as it is a definite one-size-fits-all. Trendy celebrity fans of YSL designer handbags include Jessica Alba, Sienna Miller and Heidi Klum.

It is crafted as a satchel frame in strikingly smooth brown leather with gorgeous detailing. One such accent is the use of two pieces of leather on the front exterior to formulate a giant Y.
That with its gold tone studs and extra large circular handle rings is what makes the pre-owned Muse a head-turner.  A cylinder lock with key sits front and center on the YSL Muse. There are protective feet on its bottom.

Depending on what is worn the YSL bag will blend in perfectly from dress to jeans.
There are two flat straps that enhance the pre-owned YSL versatility to use over the shoulder or be a hand-held carry-all.  

Opening via dual zippers, the interior of this used Yves Saint Laurent handbag is so spacious, that even small packages will fit into it. It is fully-lined in brown satiny fabric with one zippered compartment and a cell pocket.

The authentic Yves St Laurent Brown Leather Medium Muse is undoubtedly a very edgy bag that’s nothing short of being a classic.