Upscale an Outfit with a Hermes Veau Graine Coucherel Evelyn

A stylish blow dry takes time and effort to achieve. Follow these tips for the perfect blow-dry.

  • Always start off with damp hair. It is more pliable too shape and easier to manipulate.

The right hair products can help to extend the life of your blow dry.

  • For fine hair, it is a good idea to utilize a volumizing product before blow drying it, as this can help to build in more volume in the first place.
  • For those who have curly or wavy hair, blow dry to satiny smooth by using an anti-humidity spray that maintains it from getting frizzy as quickly.


  • Begin by working in sections.
  • Start from the top of the head that lift a stand of hair up blow dry using a barrel brush.
  • When the complete head is dry, switch the setting to cold and turn the head over and blow dry from underneath for added lift and body.  

Don’t fiddle with your hair

  • Resist the urge to touch the hair, whenever possible. This can deposit oil and grime, which can make the hair look dirty and greasy much more quickly.  It can also make your blow dry lose its volume and take on a limp appearance. 

With the coif in place as an elegant crowning glory, an authentic Hermes Veau Graine Coucherel Evelyn in brown will upscale any look.

The Hermes is crafted in Veau Graine Coucherel (grainy calf leather) and fine top stitching in the falling leaves shade that makes one know the season has changed.

Its frame is akin to a messenger saddle bag but would never be considered too casual and celebrities such as Holly Madison and Diane Kruger are die-hard fans. The Hermes Evelyn will meet the style demands of autumn along with plenty of functionality for a fashionista’ work day.

This pre-owned Hermes Brown Evelyn does make a huge statement by the big ‘H’ initial that is perforated on the front exterior. The long single strap is a match to the leather and sits pretty on a diva’s side. All hardware, such as strap rings are in gold tone.

The Hermes bag opens via a leather tab with a flap strap that slides into an H buckle.

The spacious interior is lined in soft creamy lambskin with enough space for basic necessities.  

The authentic Hermes Veau Graine Coucherel Evelyn is ideal with a pair of jeans and turtle neck, yet is comfortable with business attire.

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