Add a Bouquet of Color with the Louis Vuitton Multicolor Pochette

There are certain keywords that may appear on a bottle of wine. Unless being a connoisseur of the grape, these words meanings sometime slip the best of us. Here is the brief definition as to the ABCs and R of what’s on a wine label.

  • Appellation

This is name given to specific controlled areas in France which produces the wine with regulated grapes and wine making procedures, thus making it a distinctive style of wine.
An appellation should be seen as a guarantee of authenticity rather than of quality.  

  • Biodynamic

Biodynamic grape-growing shows the same respect for the health and balance of the soil as organic viticulture, but also takes into account the influence of the sun and moon and the planets.

  • Cuvee

This is the French word for a wine made from a blend of different grape varieties or from grapes from different vineyards. The words ‘Bin or Vat’ are used in Australia, South Africa and New Zealand, and often means much of the same thing.

  • Reserve

This is a term that wine producers often use to identify their top wines and, in practice, this means that they are generally aged in oak and are always more expensive.  

An authentic Louis Vuitton Multicolor Pochette will serve a multiple of purposes anytime of the year. Take on holiday to somewhere warm during the winter and use it each day of summer just like Anna Kournikova and Jessica Simpson does.

The fuss behind the Multicolor is that the pre-owned pochette features vibrant bombardment of brightly colored LV iconic monogram. These hues are set against a white canvas background and are truly eye-catching.  The multicolor collection was designed exclusively for Louis Vuitton by Japanese pop artist, Takashi Murakami.

The used LV Pochette is enhanced further by their natural cowhide leather trim and edgy gold tone brass studs detail that shouts stylish and sophisticated .The strap is removable and the bag can be carried as a clutch in the hand or on the wrist.

A zipper top closure in golden hardware secures the contents in the bag and opens via a golden pull.  The interior of this pre-owned bag is lined in a red berry tone in a micro fabric, and is able to have a gal travel around light.  

An authentic Louis Vuitton Multicolor Pochette has enough of a bouquet and color to an outfit as it would to a fine wine. 

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