Fit into Fall with the Chanel Quilted Fabric Single Flap

 Fashion on the runway is portrayed as an inspiration of dreams and imagination. Of course what is shown on the runways has its limits all the same to the wearer.

Beyond the imagination and fantasy, try to see further to learn what can enhance an individual’s style for the next season.

This year was an exception and the madcap looks of the past were lacking to hit the runway at NYFW.

 Of course, some of the collections will most likely be styles one would probably never consider, however. Many will fit any diva to a tee from casual to dressy.    

Mulling over the looks that presented on the runways is similar to viewing an abstract painting. One can look at the innovated and outrageous and then after examining the details, and then begin to pinpoint the positives seen.

 For any fashion conscience miss, the catwalk is learning curve, whereas by mixing and matching or removing different portions, perhaps some of the design just might work on a personal level.

Draw towards the collection and look at each piece with an open mind. Try to imagine what segments may be incorporated with your winter wardrobe.

This year’s collection was trés chic and full of references towards the silhouette with color and returning to ultra femininity.  

One designer handbag is the ever-so-timeless as is also trendy is by Chanel. So many celebrities own a classic Chanel such as Lauren Conrad, Kate Moss and Paris Hilton. 

The Chanel´s memorable style of a slim purse will never disappoint and the authentic Chanel Quilted Fabric Single Flap keeps that promise just as much.

The impressive design of this pre-owned Chanel flap handbag is constructed with the softest fabric in brown and yet still with diamond quilted pattern that is reminiscent of other flaps in their collection.

Just like other Chanel flaps it features the iconic CC logo in gold tone hardware on its flap. It is the outer portion of the magnetic snap closure.

The pre-owned Chanel Single chain strap is made with gold tone links interwoven in brown leather.   Wear it over the shoulder or slip it in the bag and have a stylish clutch for evening wear.

The interior can fit all the necessities and is all done up in brown smooth leather lining. There is a zippered pocket on one wall to keep items secured.

The authentic Chanel Quilted Fabric Single Flap is a bag of distinction in brown and fits right into fall.

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