Be Known as a Handbag Connoisseur with the Vintage Chanel Single Chain Flap

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The authentic Chanel Single Chain Flap is the type of designer handbag that will always make an impression anywhere. Just ask Kirsten Dunst, Lauren Conrad and Jennifer Love Hewitt.

The used Chanel flap will rate as a definite winner in any Chanel Collector’s wardrobe and this particular one is a hard to find item. The Chanel single flap bag can take a stylish fashionista from casual days into elegant nights.

The relaxing classic flap by Chanel is crafted with gorgeous black lambskin leather stitched into the iconic diamond shaped quilting. The flap is paired off with gold tone hardware.  

The pre-owned Chanel features a single gold chain allowing the user to comfortably wear this stunning petite back over the shoulder.

The Chanel handbag presents the attractive and sought after signature CC logo twist lock closure on its full flap.  

The frame on the flap is oblong horizontally and once opened, the spacious leather lined in burgundy interior reveals two open pockets and a compartment between them ideal for pens.  
The authentic Chanel Single Chain Flap bag will never go out of style and is considered by any designer handbag connoisseur an exquisite vintage classic. 

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