Changes in the size of the blood vessels begin to appear at the age of 35, without one even noticing. Besides factors that cause this, such as not enough exercise, there might also be a hereditary predisposition.

For that reason, prevention is very essential for people with such a tendency, especially in the early stages of arteries shrinking.  Head to the gym and develop an exercise program that speeds up the rate of the blood flow in the capillaries and stimulates the formation of by-pass arteries.

 Many doctors believe that treatments from natural remedies offer most noticeable results in combating this aging ailment.

In supplementing a health-conscious way of life, it is believed that with the regular intake of Ginkgo biloba extracts, one can stimulate the circulation and improve the oxygen supply to the brain.

The ginkgo tree, which can reach a height of 120 feet, comes from China and Japan where it has always been cultivated as a temple tree. Its leaves have been used in ancient Chinese medicines.

Used as a natural remedy, an extract of the Ginkgo leaf is made. The active substances of the ginkgo leaves improve the circulation because it widens the deep-seated middle and smaller arteries and thus improve the micro-circulation in the brain and other organs.   

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