Keep Keys Organized by Using the Gucci Black Leather Key Holder Wallet

 After taking the time to create what was thought of as a "flawless" look, times change. There are simple solutions for creating a fresh, new look that keeps up with the latest trends without going overboard.

The thing to remember about makeup is that it is supposed to be fun. It’s a great way to express a woman and tap into her creative abilities at the same time.

They are considered the 'old faithfuls’ that aren't always necessary anymore and one can do away with. And there are some newer things to try to brighten and soften a look.

Enhance the shade of the eyes with a contrasting shadow or pencil. For instant, blue eyes should choose warm browns and bronze tones. For green eyes, go for red-based plums and rusts, for hazel eyes hit the purples and lilacs and dark-brown eyes should choose silvery pewter’s.

If lips are fabulous, don’t shy away from using color on them.  Adapt the shade to a comfort level. Strong lipstick with liner shows lips to full advantage and a light stain is less high maintenance but just as eye-catching.

With blush, work it across the natural contours of the face by shading along the jaw and under temples and cheekbones. To contrast, use a highlight on the high points of the face.

Go through the makeup inventory and replace some with new key pieces and keep those that are ageless and look perfect on the skin.

One accessory item that is making a comeback is the key holder. This very straight-forward design makes keys easy to find.

The authentic Gucci Leather Key Holder Wallet is made out of soft black leather in a rectangle shape. Let’s face it, many divas are holding a number of keys to their homes, offices and auto.  

Plain and simple, there’s a “Gucci Made in Italy” embossed on the lower front exterior.

Flip open the bi-fold with a magnetic snap closure, and find six key holders with one that is extra large in size.  This is featured in high quality silver tone hardware and engraved with the Gucci name and place of origin.  

Many celebrities, both male and female own and use a Gucci wallet. It is no wonder besides it sleek and polished look; it is ever so functional and has a walled side pocket in its interior to stick in a few spare dollars or business cards.

The authentic Gucci Black Leather Key Holder Wallet will fit in many a pocket of a designer handbag or in the inner pocket of a man’s jacket.

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