Double Handbag Pleasure with a Louis Vuitton Papillon 30 with Pouch

Where a diva’s hair’s concerned, looking perfect isn’t enough. The texture and condition of the tresses are just as important as the actual style of your hair and they can make or break a gal’s look.

If the hair is in bad condition, the money spent on a good haircut is wasted. Proper hair care is always essential but with the change of season from warm to cold can dry and damage the hair. Here are a few tips to possibly correct the situation.

To start with, the use of the correct shampoo is imperative. If unsure as to which is the correct shampoo, always ask the hairdresser ay the salon. That is their business to make sure that you are satisfied.  Also ask their advice as to the best gels and hairsprays for an individual’s hair type and how it should be applied.

The overuse of products can have an adverse affect on your hair. Over-conditioning is just as bad as under-conditioning.
For instance, a 2 in 1 shampoo plus a conditioner every day then twice a week using a penetrating mask and once week use hot oil is overdoing it. One might as well pour a frying pan filled with oil on the head.

The hair follicle provides nutrients to approximately the first three inches of the hair shaft only. So by over-conditioning, is only weighing the hair down.

Nothing beats a scene stealer like an authentic Louis Vuitton Papillon 30 handbag with matching piggy-back pouch. This styling is not to be surpassed and is the best of two worlds with a combo of a mini and maxi size bags. They can be used together or separate. The mini pouch has a link that detaches itself from the larger LV Papillon handbag.

The pre-owned Papillon is a Louis Vuitton handbag is crafted in the classic LV monogram canvas with vachetta leather trim. The contour is framed in an oblong rounded shape and is named for a butterfly. Twiggy was one of the first users and still maintains a Papillon in her wardrobe.

Both bags contain top zipped enclosures, and flat handles for easy carrying. Remaining instantly recognizable and chic, these bags are durable and weather protected.

The inside of both used LV bags are lined brown cross-grain leather. The larger version has ample space and will hold all essentials comfortably. The smaller Louis Vuitton pouch is the type of bag to throw in a wallet, cell and keys, when seeking to run about without dragging an over-sized bag.

The body shaping and contouring of the dynamic duo of an authentic Louis Vuitton Papillon 30 with pouch is the take-along companions that makes great fashion sense and practicality.

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