Remain Simple but Well Put Together with a Louis Vuitton Damier Ribera MM

 Horology is the science or skill of measuring time. The first watch appeared in about 1500 and in the course of several centuries, improvements were made to timepieces. The watch became more accurate in telling time and smaller in size until it evolved into the accurate fashion accessory that it is today.

In 1795 Swiss watchmaker, Abraham-Louis Breguet, invented the tourbillion (French for whirlwind).  This piece is a mounted balance wheel appearing in a rotating cage. Its purpose is to counteract the result of gravity when the time piece and escapement are rotated. The mechanism is normally visible on the watch’s face.

Tourbillions were originally developed to improve accuracy and is still incorporated in some expensive watches. This is seen as an expression of the watch making skill at its finest. The tourbillion is one of the most painstaking pieces in watch mechanisms and is esteemed for its engineering and design keys. 

In modern mechanical watch designs, the tourbillion is one of the most valued and sought after featured in collector’s watches and premium time pieces.

Make a fashion statement with high quality tourbillion wristwatches.  Find them in many of the Swiss luxury watch manufacturer’s collections at a very pricy tag. Typically they sell for retail thousands of dollars and should be considered an investment.

The authentic Louis Vuitton Damier Ribera MM features a uniquely shaped retro style handbag done up in a contemporary style. The Damier line is extremely classy and its pattern is so well known and desired. Many believe the between the Damier pattern with chocolate trimmings and elegant gold hardware, a girl can never go wrong.

The Damier canvas has been around for quite a while but every time Louis Vuitton uses it in their collection, it is instantly brand new.

The used Damier Ribera will remain part of a timeless collection with many celebrities such as Amanda Bynes grabbing on to its rolled handles for comfort and durability.

For closure, the bag features a double zipper top with two engraved gold tone LV pulls, making for easy access and ease of use.

The functional Ribera is generous in size even though petite and reveals a proportioned interior. On the inside of the bag the MM has red alcantara lining. There is also one flat open pocket on the inside.

The authentic Louis Vuitton Damier Ribera MM is a designer handbag that is simple, but very well put together for this fall season’s wardrobe.

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