There’s no Lack of Style and Function with a Louis Vuitton Vavin GM

Long-term deficits in Vitamin D can result in some very serious symptoms and can lead to bone pain, muscle weakness and brittle bones. 

Vitamin D has been in the news headlines quite a bit lately, and with good reason. Staying out in the sun for short intervals has its advantages.

“Lack of sunlight may increase the risk of lung cancer,” according to the results of a new study by the researchers at the University of California, San Diego. They found lung cancer rates were highest in countries furthest from the equator, where exposure to sunlight is lowest.

It is thought Vitamin D generated by exposure to sunlight can halt tumor growth by promoting the factors responsible for cell death in the body.

Exposure to sunlight, especially UVB light, is the principal source of Vitamin D for the body through the skin, and has quite an impact.

So head to the outdoors and enjoy a bit of sunshine in moderation with an authentic Louis Vuitton Vavin GM handbag. This is that is perfect to take along bag that is featured in the durable coated LV monogram canvas.

It offer a more contemporary feel than the standard LV shopper and will look good whether for a stroll in the park, along a beach front or to the office.

Its frame constructs a chic and elegant to trendy look is contains natural cowhide trim and gold tone hardware too. It has a flat bottom allowing it to stand upright.

The pre-owned Louis Vuitton Vavin has two flat leather handles that lay upon the bend of the arm with ease or can be placed on the shoulders the way Ashley Tisdale does with hers.

The Vavin shopper contains a large opening for easy access to contents and is generously dimensioned to carry all daily necessities. Inside the opened top canvas lined bag, the user will discover the convenience of compartments to keep all items nicely organized. 

One of the side pockets has a snap closure for extra security to place a wallet within it. There is a D-ring near the top for keys.  The center contains a large zippered pocket on the wall complete with the fine quality of an engraved LV pull.

 An authentic Louis Vuitton Vavin GM has it all and makes no excuse for heading out into that place in the sun to gain a daily dose of Vitamin D.

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