Set the Right Mood for Style Louis Vuitton Batignolles Vertical Handbag

 The National Osteoporosis Society states that ‘healthy bones should be able to withstand a fall from standing height.’  However, once a gal reaches age 30 and onward, some simple lifestyle changes may be in order.

These tips can ensure less breakage and reduce Osteoporosis and maintain that bones remain strong.

  • Sleep on the side
By doing so will keep the back in alignment. Another alternative is to sleep on the back with a pillow under the knees.
  • Set the alarm
Those who sleep for more than eight hours are at a higher risk of Osteoporosis according to medical studies.
  • Eat greens
However, some greens contain oxalic acid, which hinders the flow of calcium by the bones.  Watercress and spinach should be limited as they contain oxalic acid. Reach instead for kale and broccoli.  
  • Take in the sun
90% of the vitamin D provided to the bones comes from the sun. Take advantage of it when it does appear for at least two ten minute intervals.  Allow skin to soak up the sun and strengthen bones natural way.
  • Protein needs protection
Most protein eliminates calcium from the system, so try to balance protein with alkaline foods such as protein rich beans, fruits and vegetables.
  • Natural intake
 Avoid calcium supplements and get it naturally unless a doctor advises to take them in pill form.
Wow everyone at the produce stand with an authentic Louis Vuitton Batignolles Vertical Handbag. One food market in Paris happens to have the same name as this stunning tote.

The pre-owned LV Batignolles is intended to be used as daily shopper. However, it works well for business too and can handle folders, laptop and an iPad.

Crafted in LV monogram canvas, the attractive used Batignolles bag is finished off with gold tone hardware. Trimming is in natural cowhide.  There are decorative, yet working, adjustable gussets on both sides of the exterior frame to tighten or expand the purse.

The interior of the pre-owned Batignolles Vertical is lined in beige fabric canvas. An interior d-key ring is near the opening and makes finding keys a breeze.

Directly underneath is a zippered pocket with gold tone engraved LV pull. One the other wall there is an open pocket that fits a cell.

Owning an authentic Louis Vuitton Batignolles Vertical just sets the mood right for keeping up to remain healthy, upright and active.

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