The Louis Vuitton Manhattan GM Handbag is an All-Around Classic that Contains a Marc Jacobs Difference

Hotter weather comes at a price for millions who suffer from allergies such as hay fever. The hay fever season never seems to fail to live up to expectations.Summertime pollen triggers symptoms such as wheezing and coughing.

Everyone tends to link hay fever with grass pollen which is begins mid-May to early September. Another cause can be tree pollen. Trees can start to pollinate as early as February.

After the grass pollen starts to die down, weed and shrub pollen takes over until the end of autumn. Drugs for combating allergic reactions, like antihistamines, are now commonplace in most medicine cabinets.

There are a few tips that can help alleviate any upcoming bouts and give hay fever the heave ho naturally.
  • Check before leaving
There’s usually more pollen floating around during early morning and at dusk.  Check out on the web what the pollen count is in the area beforehand.
  • Close up
Running fresh air through the home is good. However, make the home a pollen-free atmosphere. Close the windows and doors tight when leaving the house. By not stirring the surrounding air will have the pollen fall from the air to the ground.
  • Cover up
When outdoors, use a broad brim hat and wraparound sunglasses. This formulates a barrier between the eyes and pollen.
  • Wash
Take a shower to remove any pollen residue on the body and hair. This can help reduce an attack.

Just because allergy season has hit its peak doesn’t mean to live indoors. Get out and about with a handbag that has Marc Jacobs's contemporary touch in the classic monogram of an authentic Louis Vuitton Manhattan GM handbag.

Marc Jacobs has developed many designer handbag styles for Louis Vuitton Corporation but many consider the Manhattan his signature piece such as Jessica Simpson and Katharine McPhee will agree on.

Crafted in the classic Louis Vuitton monogram canvas and vachetta leather trim, the pre-owned Manhattan PM is a must-have tote that adds that urban chic even when in the country or park. 

Gold tone metal hardware includes the double top zipper opening, two LV engraved pulls, handle rings, rivets and other items. The sharpest feature that is super functional is its two large exterior pockets with LV engraved push locks. Not only does this addition enhance the used Louis Vuitton, but it makes the Manhattan so practical for extra items.

The LV Manhattan GM has comfortable double leather handles making carting it around town so handy.

The spacious inside is lined in off white/beige suede-like fabric. The interior contains a large wall open pocket. 

The authentic Louis Vuitton Manhattan GM Handbag is an ideal all-around tote made up of classics Louis Vuitton and the trendy know-how of Marc Jacobs. 

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