The Louis Vuitton Green Epi Cluny is a Highly Valued Collectable

Hair gel is hot for summer. This versatile styling product can be used for styling, scrunching and molding the hair never as it has been done before. The beauty is that a gal can use it whether her hair is wet or dry. That alone makes for a perfect tag along for the beach and use it when combing wet hair after a swim.

  • Volumizer

Hair gel is a no-fuss solution for even giving thin hair a bunch of volume. Follow the directions for resolving less than voluptuous hair whether purchased as a spray in a bottle or a solid gel in a tube applicator.

  • Use

A little goes a long way, so remember that hair will be weighed down if using too much, as well as making hair appear sticky and unnatural. If looking for spikes, just apply to separate strands.

  • Purify

If hair gel is going to be a long term investment for hair care maintenance, then add a purifying shampoo for use at least once a week.  Between hair gels, the elements and hair spray a build up can occur. A purifying shampoo removes that build up that ordinary shampoo may leave behind.

  • Cost efficient

Hair gel has gained popularity at the best of salons throughout the U.S. It is replacing pricey hair extensions for many divas at a fraction of the cost. For at home hair styling aids of gels, look for those that are classified ‘lightweight’ and are specially targeted for ‘thin hair.’

Own a piece of LV history that is sure to become a highly valued collectable with an out of production authentic Louis Vuitton Green Epi Cluny.

The pre-owned LV Epi is stunning with its bucket style exterior. It is crafted in the durable Epi textured leather in green and will always remains looking pristine. The designer handbag offers a Vuitton instant recognition by the embossed LV at the bottom corner of the exterior.  The bucket Cluny still offers a sleek and contemporary appeal with Epi fans including Kirsten Dunst, Kristen Stewart and Paula Abdul.

The Cluny is featured with gold tone hardware and its signature twist clasp flap closure. A long adjustable shoulder strap will meet an individual’s needs to use it as a shoulder bag or hand held purse.

The used LV Cluny’s interior is lined with in a heather green alcantara suede-like fabric. It has plenty of room with a on one side D-ring for keys and an open pocket on the other. 

The authentic Louis Vuitton Green Epi Cluny is a collectable that adds a bit of volume to a wardrobe captivatingly by its functional and sleek look.

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