Be the Girl from Brazil’s Most Famous Beach with a Louis Vuitton Damier Ipanema GM

Most everyone participates in the social network forum and it has become a perfectly acceptable pastime.
Of course, there are some people with an addiction and who cannot take a step without announcing it, go for a drink without making a check-in Foursquare or change their emotional state every two minutes.
Social networking can be a great tool, to utilize in catching up with old friends and for use in business. 
Then there are the lurkers, scam artists and thieves. There are several items that should never be disclosed on a public network.
  • Date of birth
No, not about being vain and hiding one’s age. It is advisable not to make this data visible, because several web pages will require this piece of info to recover a lost password. Someone skilled with computers can take control of personal sites.
  • Announcing vacation plans
Going away for 2 weeks in summer is great. Posting it publically on FaceBook is another story. By doing so has its risks and is an open and generous invitation to robbers.
  • Listing home address
Closely related to the previous point, the thieves have easy access to follow an individual’s comings and goings as does obsessed ex-partners, stalkers and others.
  • Password Hints
Sadly, some people give out password hints without realizing it. Hackers have a field day and success to crack it when a person continually talks about their dog or cat, or mentions a favorite song or their children’s names and their DOB.

Even if the laptop heads to the coffee shop to socialize on the web, the authentic Louis Vuitton Damier Ipanema GM can carry it with ease. Besides it is totally chic, makes a stylish impression, and is named after that famous girl who strolled along the beach in Brazil where the next Summer Olympic Games will be held.

The Ipanema GM is the larger version of the Ipanema collection, yet sits itself right next to the body without being overbearing due to its practical frame. The pre-owned Louis Vuitton Ipanema contains a handy open pocket on its front exterior for a quick grab and go.

This stylish satchel bag is ideal for the city slicker and suburbanite mom. It is crafted in durable Louis Vuitton Damier checkerboard coated canvas with deep cocoa cowhide trimmings including the single strap and a solid base that makes it easy to stand upright.

The hardware is gold tone and includes handle rings and a top dual zipper closure with two LV engraved pulls. 

The used Ipanema opens up to an interior filled with burnt orange microfiber and contains a cell and open pocket. This bag is super stylish for a gal on the go and can be used for bringing in those office or school essentials too.

The authentic Louis Vuitton Damier Ipanema GM is a great addition for just about anyone in need of an all-around bag.

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