Beat the Heat with a Gucci Pochette Bag

The heat has really been turned on to high in most of the country. Now is the time to try a few tips to lower the temps.

  • One area of the body that doesn’t perspire is the lips. However, use them as a cooling agent with a touch of frozen lip balm. Place the balm over night in the freezer. The next day add the balm to the lips. It will remain frozen for an hour or so, so retouch when feeling the heat.
  • Forget creamy face moisturizers as they tend to roast the skin in extreme temps. The alternative is to trade it in during this period. Moisturize the skin with a gel formulation instead to create a sensation of splashing cold water on the face instead of holding in the heat.
  • Too much exposure in the sun raises the inner core temps and will make one feel even hotter.  Seek shade, wear a hat and then mist the scalp with cooling menthol or peppermint. Also, Spray on aerosol aloe on the skin as it acts like a portable mister.
  • After a long day, cool off with a foot soak. Fill a bowl with cool water and a few ice cubes. Add in one-quarter cup vodka, two cups lemon juice and two sliced lemons. Soak the tops of the feet and ankles for an instant perk-up.
  •  Prior to going to bed, place aloe gel in the fridge for a few minutes.  Apply it to the body in front of the fan or AC to eliminate any hotness felt.
One of the of the most classic Gucci bag styles that can go from day to night in the heat or cold, and no matter the season, is an authentic Gucci Pochette Bag
The Gucci Pochette has a sleek "quarter moon" frame and there isn’t a celebrity or model who hasn’t own this classic gem at one time or another including Faith Hill, Mia Wasikowska, Rachel Zoe and Katie Holmes.
It is crafted in iconic GG monogram canvas jacquard fabric in beige/brown coloring and highlighted with cocoa brown leather trim. 
All hardware on this pre-owned Gucci is in silver tone, including the engraved signature plate on its front. There is a zip top closure and a single leather strap that fits over the arm making it a cool breeze to carry without weighing one down.
Inside, the used Gucci bag is lined in brown textile fabric and contains enough room for any essentials that need to be carried.
With an authentic Gucci Pochette Bag, its use is full of endless possibilities even with a heat wave.

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