The Louis Vuitton Monogram Tambourine is Carrying an Essential without Being Worn Down

Flat shoes are big fashion news this summer. For several seasons, seeing women of all ages staggering about on high heels, unable to negotiate steps or platforms or even falling, flats are a refreshing and liberating experience for the feet.  Think of the places being missed because the inability to walk for a distance.

Of course, women look smashing in pumps, especially when teamed with all those summer dresses this season. However, wear more conservative heels.

 A pair of stunning flats works just as well with most dresses and full skirts. Audrey Hepburn proved so in ‘Roman Holiday’ as she exuded elegance with a flair skirt and pair of flats. This classic is always correct.

Cropped capris will stand out as a look that just doesn’t make the grade with heels or platforms. Capri pants will look ever-so-chic with flats.

A very young miss wearing a mini-skirt, can wear a jaunty pair of flats to make her look less tarty. There is one instance though when a flat doesn’t work and that is when wore with jeans or trousers. Even the tallest of gal’s legs will resemble tree trunks.

There are several types of flats fall that work best this summer. 
  • The ballet flat is a favorite and extremely fashionable. Sandals are always a hit as flats.
  • Even the retro and funky gladiator sandals have made the scene. However, those who are short in stature or have heavier legs should avoid the gladiator.
  • A flip-flop can even work in comfort to the feet in even more dressier affairs.  Many are adorned in faux gemstones and have a raised wedge heel.

An authentic Louis Vuitton Monogram Tambourine Shoulder Bag stylishly completes an ever-lasting feminine appearance just like those stylish flats. 

Crafted in trademark brown-gold “LV” monogram canvas, it is enveloped on an exceptional rounded shape body, similar in size and shape of the instrument of the same name. 

The Tambourine surrounds itself with gold tone hardware and trimming based in natural cowhide and is the perfect day bag when wanting to travel light. 

The extra-long shoulder strap is adjustable. Wear it on shoulder or across the body and always remain hands-free.

An overall flap with a buckle at its base makes for a charming and interesting look on the used LV Tambourine.  This is smart too for making an ultra safe closure for all belongings inside.

Once inside the pre-owned Louis Vuitton Tambourine the lining stands out in bright red felt. The interior compartment contains one large patch pocket ideal for a cell, spare change and a lip-gloss stick or two.

An authentic Louis Vuitton Monogram Tambourine shoulder bag is ideal for carrying just the essential without being worn down, just as a pair of flats does for the feet.

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