There’s Only Benefits with Owning a Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 Handbag

 Dark, creamy chocolate poured into molds shaped into shells, stars, hearts, used in cookies or dipped over fresh fruit. Chocolate is a guilty pleasure treasured for years. It has been eaten in secret and hoarded in large amounts to quell feelings of sadness, guilt, nervousness and more.

It no longer needs to be hidden. This food of desire is now considered as a health benefit.

  • Containing antioxidants,chocolate is know to protect against free radicals. It contains 8 times the amount of antioxidants in strawberries so a boost with both is a winner. Dark chocolate has more antioxidants than milk chocolate or white chocolate.
  • Flavonols are found to be in chocolate. This produces nitric oxide which relaxes blood pressure. Dark chocolate keeps the heart running well and studies show can reduce LDL cholesterol by 10%.
  • Cacao contains fats that don’t cause a rise in cholesterol. Medical professionals claim that blood clots or platelet clumping forms slower in chocolate eaters. 
  • A daily dose of dark chocolate will stimulate endorphins. This is an anti-depressant and that is why when depressed many will reach for a piece of chocolate. It may also reduce pain.
  • Chocolate also contains caffeine and other natural stimulants, so it can be an instant mood elevator. 

Join in the chocolate fest that´s not held for a day, week or month but without over indulging, one piece of dark chocolate can be eaten 365 days a year.

Every fashionista needs a daily dose of a designer handbag on her arm. An authentic Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 is the one start with.

The "Speedy" is an icon and among its roster of fans are Angelina Jolie, Paris Hilton, Kate Moss, Lady Gaga and Megan Fox, along with thousands of others.

 As satisfied owners of this timeless Louis Vuitton design, the Speedy 30 is one of Vuitton’s most sought after and the best selling handbag.

A pre-owned Louis Vuitton Speedy easily becomes the staple handbag and is designed along the lines of their classic and timeless Keepall bag. The Speedy 30 is at home in the local market, mall, bistro or work, and just as comfortable with a business suit, chic dress, or fashionable jeans.

The convenience of having one designer handbag that is always appropriate no matter the season or occasion gives the LV Speedy top marks. The signature LV monogram leather is complimented by natural cowhide leather.

The elegant hand carry handbag features comfortable, rounded leather handles. Golden brass hardware is used and the bag opens via a top zipper with engrave LV pulls.

The used Louis Vuitton is lined with brown canvas in its spacious interior. An open patch pocket can hold some additional items such as keys or a cell.

Obtain a fast fix to sustain any wardrobe to total elegance by an authentic Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 handbag.

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