While hats are still a great fashion statement they are more importantly one accessory help to protect skin from the sun. Great hats have been making their way back onto the runways, and more importantly have sizzled their way onto the beaches this summer. The summertime is when the sun’s rays can be especially damaging. 

As one ages, it isn’t just the face that is vulnerable to the rays of the sun. Hats are important for both men and woman to wear as shading.

  • Getting older means that the hair gets thinner, and this can happen to women as well as men.
  • The scalp is susceptible to damage from the sun’s rays. It is certainly possible to get a painful sunburn on the top of the head or along a part line. A hat is the best protection.
  • There are lots of new hats that can protect one from UV rays and offer SPF protection.
  • Look for a hat that travels well, such as those crushable hats that can be folded into a suitcase or purse and carried with one where ever they go.
  • Whenever outdoors, protect the skin and scalp with a hat. However, always make it a fashionable one that is brimming in style.
An authentic Louis Vuitton Palermo GM Handbag is an adaptable summertime favorite. It’s distinction as such is due to its large and practicable space. It is named after the seaside city in Sicily, so naturally it works for the beach. However, it is useful for a shopping expedition as well as the office. 
Crafted in the ever popular and iconic LV monogram canvas it is durable and water resistant. The structure of its body features graceful pleating and natural cowhide leather trimmings, making the pre-owned Louis Vuitton tote exceptionally feminine and elegant.
The adjustable shoulder strap is removable. Using the top double leather handles offer a completely different look. 
Its gold tone brass hardware is outlined throughout the tote including the buckles, rings and top zipper closure. The pull is a large dangling gold LV engraved circular charm.
The inside is lined with fine fabric textile based in brown and several interior patch pockets situated on both walls. The used LV Palermo will fit in with all occasion and can be organized well enough to make sure every belonging has its own place. There is a D-ring near the top ideal to place any keys.
So throw in that towel and hat for protection in the authentic Louis Vuitton Palermo GM Handbag and head out to the beach in style just like Jennifer Aniston.