As far as Parisian fashion royalty goes, even in a coveted couture house, besides the creative director there are others assigned to certain segments of the corporation. For instance, Camille Miceli is the top in jewelry for the House of Dior.

Her road traveled many journeys before reaching this pinnacle in her life of being the costume or faux fake jewelry at Dior. The perennially best-dressed and effortlessly chic Miceli has held some of the most coveted positions in the fashion world, including with working with Marc Jacobs, all leading up to her current role as the artistic director of costume of jewelry at Dior.

Miceli's break into the business began in Chanel's PR department in her hometown of Paris. She was able to secure this position as a teenage intern through her mother, well-known stylist.  She worked at Chanel for seven years, leading up to her current role as the artistic director of costume of jewelry at Dior.

For her much lauded first collection, the ‘tres cool’ designer seemed to look to architectural influences with sleek cone-shaped statement pieces; clusters of mixed metals, chains and pearls; more delicate rose-encrusted masterpieces. 

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