Be in Possession of an Edgy and Limited Edition of the Louis Vuitton Leonor Handbag

It’s not too late to get those gams into shape. Experts agree that walking for half an hour each day will work the legs, burn off excess body fat and attain a healthier heart. However, incorporate some more easy exercises to begin today and have super shapely legs in weeks.
  • Leg lifts
Leg lifts are a quick exercise done without too much effort. Lying down, lift one leg toward the head, keeping it straight and hold for a count of ten. Lower slowly then repeat with the other leg. This will strengthen the quads and the amount should be increased with each session.
  • Squats
Squats are beneficial to the quads and hamstrings. Aim for three sets of ten every other day. Using a chair, stand up straight and slowly bend the knees to the sides, lifting the heels slightly off the floor and lower down the body. Hold for five seconds and come back up. The object is to have the knees at ninety degree angle. In time the ability to do so will improve.
  • Calves uplift
This is another exercise that uses a chair and one hand for support. Stand up straight and lift the heels off the ground slowly, hold for 10 seconds, and return heels to the ground slowly. Repeat 9 times at first and gradually increase the reps alternate days. This exercise will strengthen the calves and ankles. 
Wear that mini and carry an edgy designer handbag just like Carmen Electra does with an authentic Louis Vuitton Leonor handbag. This is a hard to find handbag that will received nothing less than for its users but 'oohs and ahs.'
This limited edition piece features Louis Vuitton monogram canvas with natural cowhide leather trim. The trimming is used creatively with ruffles surrounding its flap opening.
The pre-owned LV Leonor offers a single adjustable leather strap making it versatile to wear a number of ways.  All hardware is gold tone and used originally, including the engraved studs.
A chunky Louis Vuitton engraved buckle overlapping the flap generates for a truly unique and fashionable wide belt look.  This too is adjustable making the bag have a narrow or wider stance.
The inside is lined in beige suede-like textile fabric and contains a flat open patch pocket.
Carrying a limited edition designer handbag such as an authentic Louis Vuitton Leonor will never have a girl look trendier and in the know.

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