The Louis Vuitton Beverly GM Handbag is Hip and is Multi Functional

"Everything that nature creates usually has multiple functions" according to Green Living Tips.

One of the best sources is oranges and lemons to attest to that statement. Besides the nutritional and health benefits, discover other uses for the both fruit and their discarded peels.

  • All-around cleaner
Counter tops and sink stains can be eliminated and disinfected with lemon peels. Take the peel and rub it along the surface. The kitchen and bathroom will smell lemony fresh.
  • Purge smells
Use the blender on the chop setting for leftover peels. Toss the small pieces down the drain. Run the disposal to grind them up, creating a fresh difference immediately.
  • Furniture polish
Mix some vegetable or olive oil with a half-cup of lemon or orange juice in a spray bottle. Use as polish and it deodorizes, cleans and shines.
  • Bleach
Do away with the bleach. Instead, soak clothes for a half hour in lemon juice and baking soda before washing them. Whites become white once again.
  • Musty odors
Dry out those orange peels and place them in a cheese cloth and tie the ends. Place them in closets and cupboards to eliminate those musty smells.
  •  Insect Repellant
Avoid using harsh insecticides. Insects despise the oil in the peel of oranges and lemons. Place the peels around an outside area to be free of flies and mosquitoes.
  • Flowerbeds
Place orange peels around plants. This will work as a deterrent from an animal digging around the garden.
Oranges and lemons can survive in storage for up to a month in the refrigerator, so purchase them on sale for even extra savings.
One designer handbag that has multiple functions is an authentic Louis Vuitton Beverly GM Handbag. It combines Louis Vuitton's instantly identifiable LV monogram canvas in a side pleated frame. Its natural calf leather trim is strategically placed on its exterior becomes a focal point shouting elegance.

This star from Louis Vuitton just happens to be a favorite designer handbag of actress Tara Reid. The bag´s exterior presents an additional rear patch pocket ideal for a letter.

Add sizzle and class to any wardrobe with a pre-owned Louis Vuitton stunner that is as stylish as its namesake, Beverly Hills. The used Beverly is a carry-all with two soft leather handles, which is versatile enough to fit upon the shoulder or hand-carry.

The bag center of attention is its beautiful gold brass hardware detailing, such as a logo-engraved push-lock closure that really is eye catching. Also, protective feet are on its base.

The Louis Vuitton Beverly is spacious enough to hold all the necessities needed. It is crafted with beige microfiber lining. The interior contains a snap closed pocket to secure items for safe keeping. There is an open cell compartment as well.

The authentic Louis Vuitton Beverly GM Handbag is hip enough for any occasion whether on Rodeo Drive, at the office or picking up produce at the local market.


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