Chanel Diamond Quilted Lambskin Flap Bag has the Difference in a Flap

 Everyone thinks of Paris when planning a trip to France. However, the country is vast with many other areas of interest and should be explored.

  • Lille
The first main stop in Northern France via the Eurostar/TGV route from London and Brussels is at the city of Lille. This is a metropolitan area filled with historical structures, parks, gardens. It is classified as an “Art History” city due to its reflection of art, music and museums.
  • Bordeaux 

Wine connoisseurs are known to appreciate France´s Bordeaux region laying on the South of France. The area is famed throughout the world for its fine wine and countryside vineyards. The area has some of the most beautiful vistas in France, where visitors head to sample the rich red wines.

  • Nancy

Based in the northeast of France, the city of Nancy is situated in a valley and is complimented by timbered hillsides. Nancy manages quite well to couple natural beauty with a fascinating artistic and historical background. The renowned city centre is appealing, dramatic and welcoming.

  • Brittany

There’s one providence in France that has the longest coastline and referred to as the "Emerald Coast" due to its rich Celtic roots. Stretching from where the Atlantic Ocean and English Channel meet, Brittany is situated on a large peninsula in westernmost tip with a terrain that is rugged, jagged and wild with waves.

  • Nimes 
The Roman Empire extended its hold and left its mark throughout Europe, including Southern France. The town of Nimes boasts having one of the larger clusters of Roman sites left relatively unscathed.

The authentic Chanel Diamond Quilted Lambskin Flap Bag is a twist to the typical Chanel flap. Chanel´s classic style of purse will never disappoint and this one stands out as not seen very often.

The eternal classics are still found in this pre-owned Chanel flap handbag. First of all, it is constructed with the softest quilted lambskin in black. The twist occurs in the pattern, which are oversized diamonds rather than the norm. 

Its frame features the characteristic CC logo embossed on its front exterior and the flap snaps open and closed.

The Chanel flap stands above the other classic basic black Chanel bags by its slim fit. The lengthy chain remains as the classic gold links interwoven with black leather and drapes to the hip.

The interior has a good deal of room despite its slim size with fine smooth lambskin lining. There are two separate compartments to keep belongings organized as well as containing an inner zippered pocket. 

The stunning and authentic Chanel Diamond Quilted Lambskin Flap Bag adds that 'Vive la Difference' pizzazz to an outfit.

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