The Louis Vuitton Damier Ebene Hampstead PM Proves its Reputation as a Beauty

Every woman has experienced one or more of these unexpected five beauty disasters.
  • The Zit
It’s a new day and then the reflection from the mirror shows a blemish (s). According to dermatologists, pressing an ice cube over the pimple reduces it.  An effective spot treatment is use a product containing benzyl peroxide to dry it out faster. For camouflage, use a foundation that offers extra coverage. One that contains slightly yellow undertones helps diminishes the redness best.
  • Manicure mishap
Those that type daily on a keyboard will shorten the manicure’s lifespan and a broken or chipped nail is inevitable hazzard.At the first sign of a break, clip or file the nail. Buff the nick with a nail file. Try to apply a nourishing product made especially for brittle nails. A Shellac manicure keeps nails chip free for 14 days.
  • Serious Sunburn
If a summer day's outing reaped a lobster-like burn, take an aspirin or ibuprofen. Apply cool compress soaked cool water. Aloe gel can soothe the skin and relieve dryness. To alleviate excess discomfort, try burn preparations found in the drug store that contain local anesthetics. Keep covered up for a few days when going out.
  • Too-Short Bangs
Hide the evidence of a bad DYI trim by sweeping them to the side. If side bangs are uneven, switch the part to the other side to camouflage the mistake.
  •  Over plucked Brow
Fill in the area by brushing the brow and adding eye shadow that matches the brow color or is one shade lighter. Use a gentle hand when filling them in and the result will appear natural.

 The authentic Louis Vuitton Damier Ebene Hampstead PM Bag is one designer bag that will never be a fashion disaster. Even Vanessa Minnillo adores this frame that is crafted in the much desired checker board dark chocolate Damier Ebene canvas.

The handbag features smooth natural leather trim placed in eye-catching points, including the bottom corners of the bag for added protection.

The pre-owned Hampstead is definitely elegant and functional for use every day and can be hand carried or thrown across the shoulder by its thick double leather flat straps.

All hardware is gold tone with the standout piece being the Louis Vuitton Inventeur plate held by four rivets on the front center exterior of the bag. 

The used LV Damier Ebene Hampstead has ample capacity within and is lined in bright red microfiber fabric. A large zippered compartment with attached LV engraved pull is on one side of the bag, and a cell pocket on the other keeps items organized well in this spacious Louis Vuitton designer tote. There is a D-ring within the bag too.

An authentic Louis Vuitton Damier Ebene Hampstead PM bag is should be highly regarded by its unsurpassed reputation of being a beauty.

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