Define Stunning Each and Every Day Style with the Gucci Jackie O Handbag

 Nearly every fashion ad has the model‘s peepers donning the smoky eye. The smoky eye look is seen from couture runway models to that of Keira Knightly, Eva Longoria and Salma Hayek. Get smoke into the eyes easily, as it equates a classic makeup application that is here to stay.

This vivid look benefits all types of faces. It is appropriate for daywear if applied correctly and with a lighter touch.

Many makeup artists suggest two shadows needed; a darker contour shade and a highlighter. Use three shadows instead by adding a medium tone color, ideal for blending.

  • The secret to successful application in smoky eyes begins with creamy brown or black pencil eyeliner. Purchase one with a rubber tip for blending
  • Line the upper and lower lash lines to preference. Connect the upper and lower lines to the outer edges of the crease. Fill in the crease of the eye with the pencil. Smudge the crease and lash lines with the rubber tip.
  • Finalize with eye shadow. Use the lighter shade over the entire section of the eye from the lid to the brow.
  • Initiate the darker contour shade from the outer corner the eyelid underneath the crease. 
  • Lastly, medium shadow is the driving force for blending between the highlighter and contour.
The smoky eye look is nothing but first class as is an authentic Gucci Jackie O Handbag.
The Jackie O makes an uncomplicated but instantaneously recognizable statement. It's a stunning design that will only make any woman´s attire look more polished, sophisticated and chic. It is just like the lady herself, for whom it was named after, presented during her White House days, to lounging on the beaches of Greece and working as a publisher in NYC.

This winner from Gucci is eternal. It created in a luscious blend of  black/grey monogram canvas filled double Gs with soft black leather for all trimmings, including the versatile single strap. High-quality silver tone hardware is used throughout, with many pieces engraved with the "Gucci" name.

Its frame is in a graceful and draping hobo style, with a thin flap leather strap placed over its opening by a snap closure.

The used Gucci Jackie O is a practical with exceptional good looks. It has been on the arms of many celebrities including the on-occasion smoky eye miss, Salma Hayek.

The interior of the used Gucci hobo is lined in charcoal colored textile fabric. The spacious inside not only offers plenty of space but contains a large zipped pocket.

An authentic Gucci Jackie O Handbag is sure to remain in the forefront to personify everyday sophistication. It is a must-have for that daily dose of sophistication that any serious designer handbag collector will adore.


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