Add a Touch of Shimmer and Shine with the Chanel Patent Shopping Tote

The face and eyes appear gorgeous with a touch of blusher on the cheeks. Blush shades do appear different when on the skin from what they look like in the case. Most skin tones fall into three categories and specific blush color enhances these skin types.
  • Fair skin tone
The sheerest hint of translucent color for accent should be used on fair skin. Those with brown, brunette or blond hair color and have warm to ivory complexions should use those with honey colored or golden undertone blush. The lightest hue should be use for blonds and darker ones for brunettes. Pale coppery tone blush is ideal for redheads.
Women with light blond to medium brown hair tend to have cool or pinkish undertones. They should opt for neutral shade blushers
  • Medium skin tone
The majority of women fall into the medium skin tone category. The skin’s undertone of either warm or cool designates their correct blush color. Pink shades are best for women with cool medium toned skin, while those with warm tones (often Asian or Mediterranean complexions) will find rose presents perfection.
  • Darker skin tone
Women that are deeply tanned  or have dark skin can wear some exciting shades many other women can’t wear. Some key words for these blusher shades are deep plums, bright pink-corals, and deep bronze-corals. These shades complement darker skin tones beautifully and a adding one with a frosted sheen can make the cheeks glow.   
One designer handbag that looks great on every skin tone, hair color and body type is an authentic Chanel Patent Shopping Tote.
Impress with stylishness, elegance and an amazing huge hot look in a slick and shiny black patent leather bag from Chanel.
The front exterior’s embossed ‘CC’ logo is oversized and is based on a welcomed slip-in front pocket. There is a second one on the back exterior of this classy bag. Use it everywhere, even as a working tote.
The pre-owned Chanel tote contains gold tone hardware including several magnetic snap  to secure closure. Added to the mix is a double black patent top handle made for comfort to go on the shoulder.
Once inside the used Chanel Patent Tote, note the scrumptious soft as butter leather interior. The space is more than ample and contains several compartments for organization including two zippered pockets on opposite sides of each other with a gold tone ‘CC’ pulls.
Owning an authentic Chanel Patent Tote Handbag is sure to give off a wow factor, as Reese Witherspoon already knows.


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