The Fendi Zucca Bag Flaps Open Summer with Elegance

A healthier lifestyle is much more appealing and easy to achieve during the warmer summer months. Keep the momentums going with these tips, and make the advantages summer truly fulfilling for wellbeing.
  • Start each morning 15 minutes earlier than normal, Eat some fresh fruit, or a fruit smoothie made from summer’s harvest of strawberries, raspberries or blueberries. 
  • Go for that ½ hour walk in the early morning before the temps become extreme. It gets the blood flowing. Find exercises for a workout that are a match also.
  • If the backyard remains unoccupied all winter, do a turn around and have the evening meal serves outdoors when it is warm and pleasant outside.  
  • During hot weather no-one really wants to cook, so spend time eating light. This is the perfect opportunity to broil some seafood and get creative with salads. 
  • Drink plenty of liquids, especially water.  It is easier to become dehydrated without even realizing it. Have the children make juice ice-pops and place them in the freezer. This will ensure a constant supply of hydration to everyone even when they aren't actually drinking.
  • Time to indulge in a little light gardening during the evenings when its cooler. This is yet another  way to keep fit and supple.
  • Most of all, summer represents more time, as it is the sun is out for a longer period. Use that time to an advantage. 
Another advantage of summer is lightweight clothing and accessories. An authentic Fendi Zucca Bag in a neutral light weight canvas can do the trick for designer handbag lovers.
Generate some buzz and make a fashion statement with walking about town with the classic Zucca print that features double 'F' monogram on the off-white canvas exterior.
A dark brown thick leather flap with an inset logo ornament created out silver tone brands its flap-front closure.
The pre-owned Fendi Zucca contains an adjustable leather strap with silver tone buckles engraved with the Fendi name. Wear it as a shoulder or a hand-carry number as the choice remains an individual’s preference.
The flap remains securely closed via a magnetic-snap.The used Fendi is spacious and is lined in contrasting dark chocolate fabric. A gold plate stating ‘Fendi – Made in Italy’ is inserted. There is a convenient zippered pocket to store keys or other items to remain in place.
Carry a cut above design with the Italian fashion house’s Fendi Zucca Flap Bag and experience why celebrities such as Lindsay Lohan and Kate Bosworth love bags from this iconic label.

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