The Chanel Quilted Lambskin Single Flap is a Sure Bet for Staying Power Style

 Many go out for new sports that raise the adrenaline. Of course dune buggies’ and 4×4 Jeeps hurtling across the dunes has been a popular pastime. However a more tranquil approach to sports on the sand has taken storm. With a smooth surface, and lots of wind set sail like never before by land sailing.

Land sailing is a racing activity and swaps the roaring engines and delivers all the excitement of sailing on the seas without the water. In fact it has become yet another popular pastime in the desert outside of Las Vegas. Tours are organized and once tried; it can become an addiction according to the North American Land Sailing Association.

If it’s speed that is being sought, have no fear. Land yachts have been clocked at more than 100mph. As long as the wind is blowing, the terrain is flat and the sand is firm, the speed is the outcome.  Wear a got a pair of goggles though, as the movement of the vehicle will cause a lot of dust.

Although land sailing seems so contemporary is it actually not new at all. Its history can be traced with the use of wind-powered chariots for leisure by the ancient Egyptians. Even China utilized a wind-powered vehicle, much like the land sail in the 6th century. Many could say was it's China’s first public transportation system as it carried as many as 30 passengers.

After this wild and invigorating Las Vegas outing, take a shower, get dressed and head to the casinos or see one of the top-rated shows. Any ensemble will sail to total elegance with an authentic Chanel Quilted Lambskin Single Flap. This is the one bag celebrities, such as Eva Longoria, Julia Stiles and Courteney Cox hang from their sides as a sure bet.

This pre-owned Chanel flap has fused puffed stitching and is crafted in delightful black lambskin leather in a diamond pattern. It continues even on its backside but with a welcomed flat pocket.  The Chanel flap is further complimented by a signature gold tone “CC” clasp lock opening. The styling behind the used Chanel is extremely chic and will be classified as a true collectable for Chanel lovers.

The signature Chanel chain and leather woven strap is also in gold and black leather. The chain strap is double but still gives off an elongated length when worn as a shoulder bag.
Everything that is required as pure necessity will fit within the leather lined bag with ease.  The stunning leather inside of the Chanel offers several  pocket including a zippered compartment.  The roomy interior makes it easy for carrying important items that quickly need to be gotten to.

The authentic Chanel Quilted Lambskin Single Flap is the bag to grab on to whenever a step up in apparel is needed.

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