The Louis Vuitton Vavin GM is the Bag that Carries It All Including Style

Many women spend some time lounging in the sun and head for other out of doors activities during summer. This time of year signals the reopening of farmers’ markets from east to west and north to south.  It is the best opportunity to obtain some locally-grown farm-fresh and typically organic produce.

Farmers’ markets can be found most everywhere and the few listed below are just some of the crowd pleasers.

  • Union Square Greenmarket - New York City
Open in 1976, the market brings in more than 140 producers each week right smack in the center of Manhattan near 14th Street. Farmers from as far as 200 miles away come to the center of Manhattan to bring in an abundance of organic and sustainable produce to the city.
  • Farmers Market - Portland, Oregon
Known as a city for foodies, many consider their farmers’ market as the “best in the U.S”   for variety. Besides produce, this marketplace on the Pacific Northwest offers excellent seafood, including wild salmon, clams and crab.
  • University District Farmers Market - Seattle, WA
The well known neighborhood University District Farmers Market is tops in its community in Seattle but others acclaim that such as Travel and Leisure magazine that this "farmers-only" marketplace is one of the best.  During peak season, live music, chef demonstrations and other special events take place.
  • Capital City Farmers Market - Montpelier, VT
The Capital City Farmers Market is a longstanding farmers market and continues its tradition as a smaller scale farmers market. Besides their farmers of forty strong, try some delights from the local bakers and craftspeople on hand to help support Vermont’s agricultural economy.

 An authentic Louis Vuitton Vavin GM is that is perfect take along bag to the farmers’ market. It is featured in the durable coated canvas filled with LV monograms, while offering a more contemporary feel. Kimberly Stewart has been seen toting one around town too.

Its frame constructs a casual look with a flat bottom allowing it to stand on its own upright. Besides the famous monogram, the bag features natural cowhide trim and gold tone hardware.

The pre-owned Louis Vuitton Vavin has two flat leather handles that lays upon the bend of the arm or can be hand held or thrown on the shoulder.

The Louis Vuitton bag contains a large opening for easy access to contents and is generously sized to carry all those delicious and fresh items. Inside the opened top canvas lined bag, the user will find three compartments of two sides and a centered one that will keep all items nicely organized. One of the side pockets has a snap closure for extra security, as well as a D-ring for keys. The center compartment offers an inner zippered pocket. 

Don´t leave home without an authentic Louis Vuitton Vavin GM for any shopping expedition.  It’s the bag that carries it all.

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