The Louis Vuitton Multicolore Noe Remains Compelling All Summer Long

 Makeup primer primes the face much like an artist does to a canvas before he sets paint upon it. Makeup artists have been using a form of enhancement primer on models before they hit the shoot or walk on the runway.

A good makeup primer will form a barrier between the skin and the makeup to help keep makeup lasting all day. Some women choose to use cheap alternatives to makeup primers, but even though a good primer may be pricey, there’s a world of difference.

There are three basic types of makeup primers, as well as multiple different formulas. The formulations are usually found in liquid, powder, or cream.
  • Eye primer
Use this step in eye makeup application. Less is always more, and too much of the primer will make eye shadow creased and appear oily. Cover the eye area from lash line to brow bone with a thin layer of primer then blend it in. 
  • Face primer
If only one type of primer is all that can be obtained, make it the one for the face.This is the primary for preparing the face prior to foundation but used after the moisturizer. Smooth the face primer all over and keep blending into every portion of the skin by using only a minimum amount.
  • Lip primer
Lip primer achieve results to have lipstick stay on longer and look smoother by hiding the fine lines of the lips. Chapped lips benefit from this type of primer too.
One such iconic bag that is perfect for spring and summer as a primer to an outfit is the authentic Louis Vuitton Multicolore Noe. The Noe has been made in traditional LV monogram canvas but the striking Multicolore canvas makes the pre-owned Noe super special and rarely seen.
The durable multicolored canvas backdrop is in white and designed exclusively for Louis Vuitton by Japanese pop artist, Takashi Murakami. It continues with covering every spectrum in a prism by its monogram of LVs over its exterior.
The used Multicolore Noe offers a shoulder strap with a buckle that makes it adjustable to the wearer´s preference. There is a huge leather id tag attached from its top. All hardware is in a golden brass tone. It is easy to gain access to the interior with the leather drawstring.
Once the pre-owned Louis Vuitton Noe is opened, the amount of space is enormous. The interior is lined in raspberry fabric textile and contains one open flat pocket.
The authentic Louis Vuitton Multicolore Noe remains compelling and is a must have to enhance a gal´s wardrobe this summer.


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