Set the Stage Daily with a Louis Vuitton Wilshire PM Handbag

 With many women pulling out last year’s swim suit or bikini may have discovered that their waistline expanded and have a protruding or jiggling belly.  This can easily be taken care of when two important rules are put into place. In a short time, be trim once again.

Change the Eating Habits

  • A healthy eating regime means to leave the junk food, fast food, and frozen dinners off the menu. 
  • Proper nutrition allows the body to function properly will eliminate existing fat.
  • Lean meats, fish, fruits and vegetables are the items to keep the waist slim and trim.


This does not mean going to boot camp to obtain a firm body. There are several effective ways of exercising those stomach muscles.

  •  Dancing is a great motivator for removing fat and is fun way to do so. Take a fast-pace hip-hop, belly dancing or Latin-style dance class and tone all areas without even realizing it.
  • One exercise that stands out as a winner is known as the Pilate plank.  Directions on how to do this stomach shrinker can be found on any Pilate’s website or an instructor at the gym.
  • One of the best exercise for the stomach area is by tossing a medicine ball. This can be done with a friend and can be an enjoyable game. Hurl to it to the other person to catch and have them repeat the process and toss it back.
Named after the Wilshire Boulevard in California, the authentic Louis Vuitton Monogram Wilshire PM handbag is a medium size bag that fitness guru Denise Richards is never without when shopping for fresh fruits and vegetables.
This pre-owned bag is crafted in classic LV Monogram canvas leather epitomizes everyday ultra stylishness with its squared off frame.  The pre-owned Wilshire PM´s front exterior contains a golden brass plate with a script signature engraving of 'Louis Vuitton.'
Natural cowhide leather adorns the shopper on its double rounded handles that can be hand carried. The trimmings of leather continue as protective corner shield at the base with additional fortification of four gold tone studs.
A snap hook closure keeps contents from falling out of the luxurious chocolate-colored soft micro-fabric lining of this used LV Wilshire. It is extremely spacious and has full size capacity, but there´s more that just empty space within. Organizing belongs is simple by its large interior zipped side compartment, plus two D-rings for hanging keys.
This authentic Louis Vuitton Monogram Wilshire PM handbag sets the stage for work, play and of course shopping.

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