The Right Shade is Always on View with the Christian Dior Boston Bag

 Choosing the right lipstick is easy to identify if sticking to several simple rules.

The shade of lipstick chosen will have an impact on the shape of the lips, skin tone and the placement of focus. 
  • Nude is the best shade to choose in a lipstick when pushing the focus towards the eyes (ex: a heavily-smoked eye makeup).
  • Shades of red will make teeth appear whiter. 
  • To make fuller lips appear slightly thinner, a deeper shade of lip color will assist. A lighter shade helps to make lips appear fuller.

Skin tone is something to be considered choosing lip colors, since the facial skin is the backdrop. Avoid hues close to skin tone since they make the face look washed out. 

  • Reds include scarlet or crimson, fuchsia, and warmer browns are best for fair pink-tone skin. Another option is purples and wine tones.
  • Scarlet or brick-red, peachy tones bronze or gold browns, and burgundy enhances fair, yellow-toned skin.
  • Blue tone reds, coral berry tones, such as blackberry work well for olive-toned skin types.
  • Reds include Crimson and raspberry, magenta and fuchsia, brick-browns, coral burgundy, berry and plum are ideal for dark skin.
Remember that the color of the tube may look good at the makeup counter, but not on. It is important to try a sample first and speak with the counter-person.
The authentic Christian Dior Boston Bag comes in navy which is a color that is always correct. Just ask Heidi Klum.
Crafted with the signature “Dior” embossed monogram canvas, the pre-owned Boston is adorned with smooth navy leather trim. Fine quality golden hardware is apparent with a capital ‘D’ or several of them that are used as handle rings.
Double rolled navy leather handles attached to the stunning Dior designer handbag can easily be carried by hand or over the arm. Its quality truly shines through and the slightly used Dior Boston handbag makes a lasting impression as pure class. 
The top zip opens up to an inside fully lined in fine navy textile. There’s ample space to bring along all essentials and more. 
One side of the interior offers an inside zipper pocket for extra security and safe keeping of important items. 
The authentic Christian Dior Boston Bag is one staple with a color that goes from spring to summer to winter with ease.

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