Keep an Extra Pair of Shades in the Balenciaga 2009 Framboise Agneau City Bag

Today the sunglass industry offers numerous choices and growing dramatically each season as must-haves.  Protect the peepers while looking good and purchase sunglasses, not only for how they look but how well they protect the eyes. Sight is priceless.

There are a few things to consider and learn why sunglasses are not for show only.

  • Ultraviolet Light

Overexposure to UV rays induces or accelerates cataracts and burn vision cells in the retina.  Make sure that shades provide 100% UV gradient lenses.

  • Bounce Back Light

There is still some light that reaches the eyes even with shades on. It can come in through the open sides and behind the frames, bouncing on the inner face of the lenses.  Depending on the type of frame chosen, it can be quite a bit of light seeping through making the purpose of sunglasses for protection fruitless.

Seek out glasses that have more coverage on the sides along with an antireflective coating.  The antireflective coating will help make sure all light frequencies are eliminated.

  • Bright Direct Light and glare

The light bouncing off the sand or water can be a nuisance causing eye fatigue and only hampers and interferes with proper vision.

Use a hat as the simple solution but shades that have bi-gradient mirrors achieves 5 % more protection and cuts off the bright light of the squint syndrome. Polarized filters on sunglasses will eliminate 99.9% of the glare.

For any designer handbag aficionado, the Balenciaga handbag collection always remains chic and trendy with urban sophistication but a youthful statement.  That is why a designer handbag, such as the authentic Balenciaga 2009 Framboise Agneau City is a hit with Kourtney Kardashian, Kirsten Dunst,  Ashlee Simpson and Chanel Iman.
The Balenciaga 09 Agneau is impeccably detailed and uniquely crafted with ultra-soft hot pink. Its " lambskin leather offers that paradoxical semi- polished surface and "shabby-chic" wrinkle distressing that just remains forever trendy.
It is further complimented with exclusive Balenciaga signature raised brass hardware and including zippered front pocket with large buckles and textured oversized studs, which gives this bag recognizable status.

The pre-owned Agneau City is versatile to wear a number of ways and comes with its famous leather trimmed mirror. It tenders a double braided leather handle making it effortlessly to carry. Other hardware items are in silver tone such as its detachable leather shoulder strap which changes its look in a second.

The main compartment of this used Balenciaga 09 is secured by a full top zipper closure with an engraved silver name plate. Inside is crafted in fine textile black canvas lining and as with any Balenciaga never lacks space.

The authentic Balenciaga 2009 Framboise Agneau City is ideal to carry an extra pair of shades along with so many other things.

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