Moms and Non-Moms will Love the Functional Gucci Diaper Leather Handbag

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For women with babies or moms-to-be to remain chic, as well as being cost effective too is by obtaining an authentic and pre-owned Gucci Diaper Leather Handbag. This is a sleek and fashionable  “IT” bag that celebrity moms are never without with baby in tow, such as Halle Berry, Angelina Jolie, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kelly Ripa and Nicole Richie.
The beige color canvas of the pre-owned Gucci diaper tote is embellished with so many of Gucci’s iconic GG logo, and is trimmed in dark chocolate leather. The non-slip canvas shoulder straps allow for hand free activities and can be worn over the shoulder or cross-over.
The fabric of a diaper bag can be easily spot-cleaned or wiped. The side exterior of the used Gucci diaper bag offers two large side pockets, one on each side of bag that is great for bottles or sippy cups.
Open the bag via its front double zipper to reveal an inside lined in a brown fabric. The interior comprises of an open compartment which can effortlessly hold disposable diapers. While there may be other diaper bags to choose from on the market, a pre-owned Gucci is the one designer bag that makes it uncomplicated to look great and have eberything needed at the fingertips.
Even when the authentic Gucci Diaper Leather Handbag is no longer needed as a bag for baby’s belongings, it can function as a tote for work or as a weekend get-away handbag too.

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