The Chanel Patent Leather Bowler is as Functional as it is Stunningly Chic

When planning their weddings, many couples consider wedding insurance as unnecessary. If you believe this, then make sure that you put money aside in a contingency fund, to cover costs because as in life, the unexpected does happen.

Economic downturns can even destroy happy events. It is not uncommon to open the  newspaper to read of a store or corporation shutting their doors. Several brides have been left hanging and had to make arrangement in purchasing another wedding dress, only weeks or days before their wedding. This is where wedding insurance can come in handy if purchasing from a small boutique.

Many a honeymoon has become  disaster without having wedding travel insurance, which makes sense to purchase. Their policies offer some of the most generous coverage for safeguarding cash, traveler’s checks and documents, such as passport and driving license. Even items, such as a digital camera, loss of luggage or delays can be covered depending on the policy chosen. If either member of the couple is injured on a honeymoon, a policy will cover emergency medical transportation to rush you home.

Sit down with an insurance agent to answer all any questions regarding wedding travel insurance and wedding insurance.

Emphasize style and elegance on a honeymoon or everyday with in an amazing hot look of a slick and shiny black patent leather bag from the House of Chanel. The authentic Chanel Patent Leather Bowler is a squared off design favored by Lindsey Lohan and Ivanka Trump, and lingers on as forever chic and a head turner.

The black patent leather is crafted in Chanel’s popular diamond pattern and perfect no matter the occasion from a honeymoon to a smart luncheon. With its front oversized “CC” logo embossed on its front center to it’s hidden from view open back pocket, the pre-owned Chanel Patent bag is geared to impress.

The top zip pre-owned tote shines no matter the weather and contains accents of antiquated hardware, including five protective feet on its base to keep that patent smooth and scuffed-free.

The double straps on the used Chanel are smooth black patent and make this polished gem a breeze to carry along anywhere.

Scrumptious red suede-like fabric is a certain eye-catcher once inside the large used Chanel Patent bowler. The space is inside is more than ample and contains a zippered pocket to store important items securely such as a cell or set of keys.

The authentic Chanel Patent Leather Bowler is a sure bet that it will always remain a winner.

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