The airborne and natural elements of dust and grime will eventually take its toll on any designer leather handbag. However, with proper care, a designer handbag will last for years and can look as new as the day it was purchased.
Follow these easy tips and the leather designer bag purchased today will remain in pristine condition.
  • Never use any cleaning substances on a leather handbag. They are too harsh and will dry-out the leather. Fortify the skin with saddle soap. This method works best to clean up the bag when any smudge is a recent addition.
  • Scratched bags are another common issue but by applying a dab of shoe polish with a Q-tip in a matching hue works great as a touch-up.
  • Heavy duty stains such as pen ink, oil or lipstick should only be eliminated with the use of a professional dry-cleaning service that specializes in leather.
  • Leather needs to breathe, even when not in use or on its seasonal rest. Never place a handbag away in storage in a plastic bag or container. Use a dust cover or old pillowcase instead.
  • In damp climate areas, avoid storing bags on the floor of a closet as mildew can easily set in.
  • Designer handbags, like a Chanel flap, need to have their signature chain straps inside the bag to avoid scratching the outside leather when place away.  

From the classic Chanel Collection, the authentic Chanel Black Caviar Medallion Tote adorned with gold hardware proudly sits on the arms of celebrities such as Anna Hu, Blake Lively, Paris Hilton, Alexa Chung and many others celebrity leather lovers.

Any fashionista will appear chic and polished with this gem from the Medallion series that contains a very durable body as well. A pre-owned Chanel is crafted in scrumptious puffed quilted caviar leather, which helps it look new no matter its age. Covering the exterior of this used savvy shopper is an ultra-sized, "CC" Chanel logo embossed in leather.
The back has an extra large patch pocket. All hardware is gold-tone, including the distinctive CC dangling medallion coin hanging over the side. This head-turner is attached to the top zip closure. The presence of this medallion is just what sets this tote from Chanel apart from other handbag designers.
The interior of this pre-owned beauty is spacious, and roomy enough to carry all personal necessities. The inside lined in soft and smooth leather, and contains a zippered pocket.
Ever since the authentic Chanel Black Caviar Medallion Tote was introduced, it was apparent that pure elegance was here to stay. It is easy to have it remain as pristine as the day it was crafted.