A Tip of the Hat This Summer to the Stunning Louis Vuitton Vernis White SAC

Hats guard against the harmful rays of the sun, and now is the time to obtain a stunner for the summer. Enjoy the outdoors in a stylish way since hats are becoming more fashionable than ever.  
These represent some of the very best options for summer hats.
  • Baseball Caps
For contemporary style, baseball caps can be slick and casual. As a summer hat, they provide the exact protection as the bill shades the face while the cap covers the head.  Look for designer logo types in light hues.
  • Large Brims
Brims come in various sizes and materials and protect not only the face but the ears, neck, shoulders and eyes, as well, from harmful rays. Make sure the brim is at least one inch in length from the head. To keep cool, opt for a hat in lighter colors as they deflect from the sun’s heat.
  • Straw
Straw hats are practical since they are lightweight and are made of a firm material. They come in many different trims and weave offering sufficient protection from the sun. Natural colors of wheat and cream or beige are the best color options for summer.
  • Crochet
Crochet hats are always trendy, available in a variety of inordinate colors, and can easily match an outfit. They’re great for packing in a suitcase, as they return to their original shape by giving them a quick shake.  
Create a stunning summer look in a designer bag that is light and white with an authentic Louis Vuitton Vernis White SAC. The Vernis collection´s shine appears as a coating and "Vernis" in French means varnish. Fans include Ashley Tisdale, Blake Lively and Serena Williams.
This incredible element has been used to make this a stand-out for everyday and covers the entire square shape bucket.  It delivers the embossed Louis Vuitton monogram in vivid detail.
This scrumptious pre-owned Louis Vuitton tote features contrasting leather trim in tan on its slip-though handle, base and upper opening. Use it during seaside dining, at the beach or meandering at a boutique or museum. It is that versatile and easy to carry.
The used Louis Vuitton bucket is lined in color coordinating fine textile fabric and runs very deep to fit in any goodies picked up during the course of a day.  Leather trim enhances the inside that presents plenty of space. There are two patch pockets for items, as well as gold tone d-ring ideal to store a set of keys.
The authentic Louis Vuitton Vernis White SAC remains cool, stylish and will work for so many summer occasions from casual to dressy with a tip of a hat.

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