A Balenciaga S/S 2010 Papete Agneau First Handbag is Edgy and Chic

Dry indoor heart and the cold elements outside during the winter can raise havoc on the hair shaft. Even if hair is in the best of condition, split ends are bound to happen. Here are a few tips to help your hair's fight against split ends:
  • Regular haircuts
Even if it's only 1/4 inch or so, this will help cut any split ends off. Head to the salon every 4-6 weeks for short hair, and 6-8 weeks for longer locks.
  • Wide tooth combs
The worst time to comb the hair is while it is wet as it tends to break. Comb through using only a wide tooth comb.
  • Condition 
A conditioner will hydrate the ends from drying out.
  • Satin pillow
Celebrities know that a satin pillow is more than a luxury. It is great for preventing split ends since it is very gentle on hair when sleeping. The hair won't be tugged and pulled which causes split ends.
  • Cloth rubber bands
Pony tails survive best with a band that uses fabric. This is gentler than standard rubber bands and avoids breakage. 
  • Heat protective spray
This can be purchase from the salon. Hairdressers use this spritz in the hair prior to blow drying to helps protect hair against damage and split ends.
  • Low heat only
Use the lowest heat setting possible when flat ironing, blow drying or curling hair; or air dry hair when possible.
There is only one acceptable item that has split ends and that is the leather tassels on an authentic Balenciaga S/S 2010 Papete Agneau First handbag. Every fashionista in the public eye owns an authentic Balenciaga First, including Tara Reid, Hillary Duff and Kristen Dunst.
This pre-owned edgy Papete Agneau First is part of the original Balenciaga motorcycle collection with effortless style, great sizing and superb crafted quality. 
Featuring its signature soft chevre (goatskin) leather for a "worn out look," this time in aqua blue, the bag is now considered a classic. The hardware on the “First” consists of aged brass on zippers, buckle straps and studs. The double hand-held handle offer detailed top stitching and braiding, along with a detachable shoulder strap.
The leather tassels are on the top closure zipper and the front exterior’s one. Of course no authentic “First” would be complete without its leather framed mirror, which fits neatly into the exterior´s front zipper pocket. 
Besides an absolutely stunning design, its interior proves to be highly practicable. Enter into the spacious compartment that is fully lined with black textile and leather trim. A zipper pocket is found within to secure extra personal essentials.
The authentic Balenciaga S/S 2010 Papete Agneau First in aqua will shine through as a crowning glory of handbags.

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