Pair it with Another or Go Alone with the Gucci Shopping Tote

The color, cut, texture and whether the clothes don are casual or dressy will dictate what sort of belt to use.  Besides, deliberating the clothes being partner with a belt, another important consideration is body shape. The right belt can play up the figure’s strengths and help to downplay areas not needed focus on.

Decide which figure conscious belt selection matches the body type.

  • Top heavy
Wear styles low and slung on the hips with a belt in a thinner width. Avoid the wider types of belts that cinch in the waist.
  • Pear shaped
Just the opposite applies here. Choose belts which emphasize a smaller waistline and avoid the low slung look.
  • Long waist
Long waisted types can go all out with wide belts, thin belts and any of the latest trends of the season. Belts on longer waisted types actually reduces the waist’s length makes a woman look more proportional.
  • Short waist
Go as low down off the waist with the belt to increase the appearance of length.  A belt in the same color as what is being worn will create a smooth line.
  • Full figure
Fuller figures should choose a belt in proportion to body size. Skinny width belts just get lost in the body. A wider and structured belt that is a monochromatic accessory to what is worn will look great.
Tips like this apply to the style of handbags needed to match a body type.  However, nothing works as well for all shapes and sizes than an authentic Gucci Shopping Tote. Not only is this tote affordable but it offers sensible sized frame that will maintain that up-scale look and never appear unbalanced. Amanda Bynes, Nicky Hilton and Kylie Minogue are just a few celebs that own a Gucci shopping tote.

Crafted against a background of monogram GG signature canvas in beige, all trimmings are done up in dark chocolate brown leather.  The front of the rectangle framed bag announces it’s a Gucci but a leather name plate.

Use the pre-owned Gucci as that additional bag to stuff all the extras in whether during a shopping expedition, going to school, and on vacation or for work.

The ever-so functional used Gucci tote has two leather hand-carry straps and a silver tone D-ring at its side. 

The dimensions behind this used Gucci designer handbag makes it even more appealing and no matter how many items need to be carried, this one can do it all.  An open pocket can organize essentials the way they should be in its brown fabric lined interior.

The authentic Gucci Shopping Tote is one to tag along daily. Pair it up with another favorite designer handbag or allow it to stand alone as the ultimate day bag and all-around tote.

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