Yin-yang is a well known as part of the Chinese Taoist beliefs. The yin-yang symbol is circular shaped and is purely black for half of its swirl design and purely white on the other side.

Within each color includes a small dot in the contrasting color it is on.  In the yin-yang symbol, black represents yin and white represents yang. The Chinese hold the belief that this symbol represents two complementary forces in the universe.  "It represents the balance of opposites in the universe.” However, simply put. it easily stands for that opposites will always attract.

Nothing looks more stunning and elegant than the combination of black and white in a wardrobe. Black and white always presents being fashion forward and makes a confident fashion statement.

An authentic Chanel Black and White Cambon tote is simply black and white and chic all over. This Chanel staple and sought after stunner takes its owners Jessica Alba, Kate Hudson and Iman right into the spring/summer season with flair.

The background of the used Chanel´s exterior is based in quilted pure white leather. However, its large finely stitched signature “CC”s is an opposite in smooth black leather nearing the center portion of the bag and overlapping towards the side.

The opposite side from its iconic signature offers yet another hint of the dark leather on its bottom corner. The back exterior has an open pocket just like the one found in a traditional Chanel flap bag.

The base of the Chanel Cambon tote is crafted in pure black smooth leather and contains protective silver studs.  This simple welcomed hardware makes placing the pre-owned bag down to remain scruff free.
The starkness of the white is yet again contrasted by this pre-owned Chanel tote with black rolled leather handles. The tote can be either hand held of worn over the shoulder.

The interior is lined in hot pink fabric with the Chanel CC monogram pattern splattered throughout.  There are two inner zipped pockets on opposite sides if each other.  Besides the use of either pouches to secure items, the pre-owned Chanel Cambon bucket still has plenty of room left over for other personal items.

Enjoy the exceptional and unique look with the quality of an authentic Chanel Cambon leather tote in its stunning example of white and black highlights.  Any woman carrying it will set the   classic example of pure elegance as the most popular black and white symbols recognizable since the yin-yang symbol emblem.