Marc Jacobs St. Marks Killer Shoulder Bag is the Clean Slate in Style

The idea of spring cleaning as symbolic of a fresh start or clean slate is represented in many cultures throughout recorded time. Spring cleaning is a tradition that has been passed down generation to generation for centuries. With the appearance of flowers, longer sunshiny days and the chirping of the birds, also comes the arrival of paper towels, rags and cleaning solutions.

Officially, spring cleaning probably came about as a result of people shutting all the doors and windows tight and heating their homes with coal, wood, or oil during the cold months of winter. A build-up of soot and dirt on the walls only makes for a stuffy and stale environment. It seems natural thing to open up the windows and doors once the cold weather subsides and it becomes warm enough. Air out the home, sweep out the dirt built up over the winter and welcome in the spring with a clean environment. 

The spring season is a time that is most associated with spring cleaning to make the home front sparkling clean and organized. While spring cleaning is almost universally dreaded, it is also a common practice, all over the world. 

Clean out the old clothes and accessories from a wardrobe and obtain something stunning. Add an authentic Marc Jacobs St. Marks Killer Shoulder Bag for that impact of a clean slate season. Marc Jacobs has a knack for delivering a funky and chunky designer handbag that will make others wishing they own.

The St. Marks handbag is named after a street in New York City’s East Village that was the hippest place to be for urban chic. St. Marks Place was haunt of Andy Warhol in the 1960s. It was the present time backdrop for several episodes of “Sex and the City” and a hang-out for Lindsay Lohan, who happens to own this Marc Jacob's gem.

The pre-owned Marc Jacob´s is framed as a hobo style with a weaved-like appearance overlaying all in black leather. The starring role though happens to go to the gold tone padlock at center stage for extra edginess.

The chunky double rolled knotted black strap oozes contemporary flair with gold tone hardware adorning it.

The used St. Marks features a zip top closure with two pulls and opens up to a super roomy inside despite its size. It is fully lined and contains a zippered pocket ideal for storing valuables safely.

An authentic Marc Jacobs St. Marks Killer Shoulder Bag is just the thing to kick-start an up-to-the-minute dynamite spring.

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