A Communication Device will Travel Stylishly Louis Vuitton Damier Ebene Naviglio Handbag

A smart woman always possesses tried and true style in her handbag.  In the information highway age, it use to be difficult finding a designer bag that can support a laptop or iPad. Designers have jumped on the bandwagon and realize the computer age is here to stay and needed to design one with more functionality.Not only did that make sense but now all those laptops being dragged around town, in airports and at hotels transformed to a chic case that is a necessary accessory.

Don´t be a fashion faux pas by not partaking in the designer laptop bags arena. These designer laptop bags are so useful and yet fashionable, that they become the one bag to carry. Whether it is the latest Sony Vaio, iPad 3 to an Apple Macbook, the good news is there is a Unisex designer bag from Louis Vuitton that is a perfect fit for many celebrities.

The authentic Louis Vuitton Damier Ebene Naviglio is named after the beautiful canal, Naviglio Grande located in northern Italy, This canal served as the inspiration for the designer handbag and is an absolutely functional messenger bag. It is featured in the highly sought-after chocolate brown Damier canvas with the Louis Vuitton name discretely placed on a few of the checker-boards.

A wide dark brown canvas shoulder strap that transforms to leather when reaching the base of the bag, allows the user to adjust its length to what is practical for the individual.

The simplicity of its frame is not in the usual vertical shape that most messenger bags offer but instead leans more towards a square shape. All hardware presented in a golden tone shade, including its top zipper opening.

This unique used Louis Vuitton bag´s zipper is protected and hidden from view via two flaps overlapping on both opening with a top magnetic snap closure.  This LV messenger bag remains one of the securest designer handbags around with plenty of flair. 

The pre-owned LV Ebene Naviglio is extremely spacious and offers enough area to slip in any communication device with room to spare for other personal items. With space like that, it can make appearance in the office as well as running to the mall on the weekend.

Lined in red fabric interior, this Louis Vuitton handbag offers a huge compartment framed by an additional side flap pocket trimmed in leather.

An authentic Louis Vuitton Damier Ebene Naviglio Handbag is an ultimate and welcomed touch of style. Say goodbye to the boring computer case or conservative leather attache and carry one by Louis Vuitton instead.

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