A Chanel Single Chain Flap Handbag Always Presents Itself as a Sensation

Las Vegas certainly keeps its visitors entertained with many spectacles and headliners. If a Cirque du Soliel extravaganza meets with positive approval then "Le Rêve" is a must-see in Las Vegas. Translated in French as "The Dream," the blockbuster show Le Rêve incorporates many elements described as “water, fire, swimming, acrobatics and spectacular special effects.”

No wonder, as Le Rêve was created by one-time Cirque director Franco Dragone. The show has been performing at the Wynn Theater in Las Vegas, and the theater in-the-round places the audience as part of the show. There is no clear divide between the audience and the stage and participation is welcomed at times.The performers will dazzle the audience from the stage, in the air and in the water.    

Any last minute getaway, such as a quick trip to Las Vegas taking a show as grand as Le Rêve - The Dream doesn’t need an emergency accessory that just is used once and then forgotten about.

Chanel always is the one with a right choice, especially with the authentic Chanel Single Chain Flap bag. The timeless Chanel designer flap bag has emerged to fit in any social soiree by its retro concept that remains forever trendy and just right.
The pre-owned Chanel Flap works well all day long and carries over into the evening as a flawless merger of style and grace.
It´s design is one of the most yearned for bags ever, and the quality designer handbag is crafted in diamond pattern quilted black leather with flap intact and welcomed open pocket on its back exterior.

The shoulder bag´s single gold chain strap is intertwined with the same black leather. The pre-owned purse´s closure is via the distinctive and infamous “CC” turn lock in gold-tone hardware.

The pre-owned designer handbag’s interior is far more spacious for essentials than any other evening bag would provide, and just enough room for day use. The roomy interior contains the Chanel CC logo embossed on the inside of the flap in black leather. The balance of the interior is contrasted with maroon leather.

Inside the used Chanel flap is a zip pocket on the underside of the flap with an open one directly below. 

Positioned as the "it-bag" for years, it is no surprise that so many celebs own one, including Sarah Jessica Parker, Lauren Conrad, Kate Hudson, Miranda Kerr and many other red carpet divas own an authentic Chanel Single Chain Flap designer handbag. They have discovered that it is simply a staple that is versatile enough to use anyplace and anywhere.

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