When it comes to enhancing the eyes with shadow, a rule of thumb is to seek out colors that contrast with the color of the eyes. This creates definition and makes the eyes stand out.

Although not all eye shadow colors suit every woman, a woman can never go wrong following these suggestions.

  •  For green eyes:
Daytime: To help emphasize green eyes and make them stand out, use brown shades, mauve, lilac or lavender, as well as pink eye shadow.  
Evening: Bold violet, maroon or deep violet eye shadow creates a most dramatic look at night.
  • For blue eyes:
Daytime: Brown is in opposition, so it helps to bring out those baby blues. Rose brown, navy and even orange tones are often very flattering. 
Evening: Bronze eye shadow is great for highlighting blue eyes, or adding a little drama for evenings out.
  • For brown eyes:
Daytime: Pinks in all shades look beautiful with brown eyes and grace a softer, more natural look. Purples also come in an array of shades as well as greens and are gorgeous with brown eyes. 
Evening: Gold is really attractive with brown eyes; although they are related to brown, unlike bronze it does not blend with but brightens browns. 
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