It is normally taken for granted that the entire year adds up to 365 days. The fact in scientific circles is that the Earth’s complete rotation around the sun is 365.242 days. To keep actual time in symmetry with the calendar and even the difference out, all inhabitants have earned another day in the period of Earth life. This accrued interest gets paid every four years the day-after February 28th and before March 1st.

2012 is passing on to all one with an extra day to experience this year. One the average, this bonus day is awarded to the normal human life span at least 18 times in a lifetime.

February 29th is also known as Sadie Hawkins’s Day. Lil’ Abner, a satirical comic strip brought the attention of Sadie Hawkins’s Day to the American public via a character named Sadie Hawkins, who “created” Sadie Hawkins Day.

It was designated as a foot race in which all the unmarried women of “Dogpatch, USA” chased after the town's single men. Matrimony served as the prize for the women and it was doomsday to the men who were caught. This pseudo-holiday created by Al Capp, prevails as a tradition in the outside world during the Leap Year, allowing women to propose marriage to men. 

Leap Year Day is also branded as the day of doing something out of the ordinary.

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