Be at the Top of Style with a Rare and Authentic Louis Vuitton Monogram Klara Handbag

Margaret Thatcher was known as “The Iron Lady,” hence it was used as the name of the film Meryl Streep won the Oscar for as Best Actress for the 2012 Academy Awards Presentation.

The former Prime Minster was seldom seen without her dependable handbag hanging off her arm. This accessory of choice was an old-fashion Asprey rectangular black leather number. This bag represented power by its rather conservative, simple in design and dowdy appearance.

To her it worked, and to viewers it represented the status power she bestowed for the United Kingdom. The legendary handbag was seen at her side numerous times, especially when she headed for weighty world conferences, such as the ones she attended with Reagan and Gorbachev. Her Asprey was a gift presented to her by George Shultz, Ronald Reagan’s secretary of state at the time.

Her original black Asprey bag was sold for charity at an auction last June held at Christy´s in London. This plain leather was expected to fetch around $150,000 but exceeded that by more than 100%, when auctioned off. 

Meryl Streep did a wonderful job for her role as Margaret Thatcher, and now being a three-time academy winner, she can be considered “The Iron Lady” of the film industry. 

On a personal level, the Asprey would never be in the stunning star´s wardrobe. Although being the owner of many designer handbags, Ms. Streep happens to favor anything by Louis Vuitton for everyday use.

An authentic Louis Vuitton Klara Handbag is one limited edition handbag in her designer handbag's clusters. This is not a LV that will be seen sighted everywhere, even though it is crafted in the recognizable LV monogram canvas and natural cow-hide trimming. This in demand bag just keeps getting rave reviews if one is lucky enough to grab a hold of it.

This pre-owned LV Klara’s shape is original with its slightly pleated exterior and its unusual use of trim. There is one flat pocket on the front and double leather handles that can grace the arm or swing higher on the shoulder.

Gold tone hardware adorns the use LV bag, including top zip closure, studs, handle rings and protective feet on the bottom of the exterior.

Open it up to a spacious interior that is capable to carry all essentials. The super hot lining is bright red and is made with Alcantara fabric, giving off the appearance of suede. The inside offer one large flat open pocket and an attached key ring.

The rare and limited authentic Louis Vuitton Monogram Klara Handbag is right at the top of fashion functionality as a winner that will stand out year after year with pure original style.

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