Every since making their formal introduction via the June 2009 issue of Martha Stewart Magazine, the ultimate dessert at weddings, bar mitzvahs and any large gathering has been the cupcake.

This is no Hostess cupcakes that use to be packed in school lunchboxes. This type is a creation of delicious perfection that is presented in many unique ways. Cupcakes are becoming the number one preferred choice for an event.

They are custom designed, prepared and served to each guest as a final touch to an affair. Guests will be in awe as cupcakes are presented as show stopping compared to cakes. Even for a formal affair, they can be just as elaborate as the traditional wedding cake.

What´s great is that each one can be topped off differently with either with fruit, icing flavors and colors, and other detail. The baker who specializes in cupcakes can recreate editable sugar versions of bridal flowers or corporate emblems to adorn each cupcake.

An array of cupcakes based in different  flavors is thoughtful, as not everyone has the same taste in cakes, fillings and/or icings. This allows alternatives to the guest. Select a mixed bag of cupcake flavors, and use a combination of many.

For display before serving, cupcakes can be arranged alternating tiers to appear as a traditional cake. They are usually placed on decorative boxes surrounded by flowers or other accessories.

One designer handbag that offers plenty of color just like the multi-flavored cupcake is the authentic Louis Vuitton Sac Rabat Dalmatien Handbag. This is one of the rarest Louis Vuitton limited edition designer bags around and has been seen on the arms of Ashlee Simpson and Victoria Beckham. 

The pre-owned Sac Rabat is designed by Murakami. The used Louis Vuitton contains amazing details with a top flap is multicolore monogram presented in so many  colors on that blast notice me on black toile canvas. The bottom portion is in black and white Dalmatian pattern on pony hair making for a very hip and stylish combination.

The bag features complimentary signature vachetta cowhide leather with polished golden brass studs and a single strap.
A prominent frontal press S-lock closure opens the used Louis Vuitton Dalmatian and includes a key.

The interior contains raspberry Alcantara suede as its lining with a patch pocket. Although wild in patterns, this stylish and functional LV handbag can be used every day as well as alternating as a chic bag for parties and special events.

The authentic Louis Vuitton Sac Rabat Dalmatien Handbag offers that special touch of the extraordinary and rare head turner that is rare.