The Louis Vuitton Cabas Piano Bag has Everlasting Core Value

When purchasing makeup or skincare products, some names on the label are nearly unpronounceable. Their common ingredients have technical sounding names, but what they are used for?

Alpha-hydroxacids or Lactic Acid is a fruity acid which gently removes superficial skin cells and helps soften the skin.

• Antioxidants
Products containing antioxidants help fight free radicals towards aging from pollutants and UV rays.

Beta-hydroxacids are similar to AHAs as exfoliation the top layer of dead cells, but in a much gentler formulation.

• Ethyl Alcohol
EA is purely refined alcohol that is used in astringents and toners. 

• Kaolin
Often used in facial masks and helps absorb oil it is a white fine clay.

• Methyl Gluceth
MG attracts moisture in creams while reducing skin´s dryness.

• Panthenol
Used in many hair products also, this vitamin B5 complex factor improves the tone of the derma and making it supple.

• Sodium Lauroyl Sarcosinate
A gentle, cleansing and foaming ingredient derived from a natural fatty acid, such as coconut.

• Tocopherol Acetate
A derivative of Vitamin E searching for free radicals and helps protect the skin from the damage caused by sun exposure and natural ageing

One designer handbag that simply spells success is the authentic Louis Vuitton Monogram Cabas Piano Bag.

This is the one bag that appears in the ad campaign titled "Louis Vuitton Journeys," featuring Angelina Jolie´s “Core Values” trip. Ironically, this particular LV design was discontinued even when it appeared in the ads. The bag used personally belonged to Ms. Jolie. The elegant pre-owned Louis Vuitton Cabas Piano tote is the ideal anytime and anywhere bag. Angelina has proven so by tagging-along one with her to Cambodia. 

The LV shopper-style has icon status and is a favorite among many more famous personalities on the go. No wonder celebs love it as it is crafted from the timelessly chic LV Monogram canvas and natural cowhide trim, which happens to cover the entire base. Its durability makes it highly resistant to surface abrasions.

Savvy fashionistas not only look good but instantly becomes an essential part of any woman´s wardrobe.

Carry the used Louis Vuitton tote in comfort by the rounded double hand carry or throw over the shoulder straps. The enhanced hardware is in gold tone.

The top zipper covers the length of the bag and offers easy access to contents with plenty of storage space within it. This is not just empty space, as the LV Cabas Piano offers a large zippered pocket, one cell phone pocket and a D-ring for keys.

The authentic Louis Vuitton Cabas Piano Bag lightweight, flexible, solid and well-built and is ideal for going to the office, mall or even the jungles of Cambodia with the fashionable and contemporary diva like Angelina Jolie.


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