The Chanel Black Caviar Medallion Tote Is Just Right for Traveling and More

Many people come to Europe just to see one place because they feel it is economical to stay put. It can be rather pricy to obtain a rail pass for short visits and is not a feasible option if your time is limited.

For instance, a train from Barcelona to Paris is overnight and takes ten hours. There is a more economical and faster way to travel within Europe and view a few destinations by the process of flying from within the continent. The same journey from Barcelona to Paris is cut down to 1 ½ hours by flying on a low-cost carrier.

Sign up on the websites of EasyJet, Ryanair, Monarch and Vueling and receive their sale notices and always be in the know of super saver specials. With tools and information in hand, you can visit more than one destination on the cheap.

With proper planning, traveling to other destinations will cost even less than even a one way train fare on certain routes. Spend an entire day wandering inside and outside of the crowns of Europe.

Most major city airports in Europe have excellent transportation systems. You can be whisked from the airport to the center of their city in minutes and return back to your home base at night. Stroll around the Buckingham Palace or drift down a canal in Amsterdam, as you can do it all in one trip for less.

Whether traveling first class or on budget European carriers, an authentic Chanel Black Caviar Medallion tote is logical to have at the side. It makes good sense to carry the one designer handbag that sets the tone of travel as Rachel Bilson, Chiara Ferragni, Lauran Conrad and Blake Lively. 

The pre-owned Chanel is in delectable black caviar leather patterned in all-over diamond shape quilting and contains an ultra-sized embossed CC on the front exterior.

Elegance, style and practicably is apparent by its extra large flat pocket on back. This is not over-sized but will work as a dual purpose bag for everyday pursuits as well as travel.

The medallion collection series obtained its name from the distinct dangling antique coin-like piece engraved with the double “C”s. Setting this used Chanel apart from other hand carry totes, its unique medallion is attached to a top zip closure.

The interior of this pre-owned beauty is spacious and lined in smooth black leather. It is spacious but remains looking polished while traveling light.

Remain chic while carrying any personal essentials, including cosmetics, water bottle, passport folder and tickets. It also contains a zippered pocket and is lined in soft and smooth leather.

With an authentic Chanel Black Caviar Medallion tote, a traveling gal will be right on target.

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